George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith (1817-1875) was born 26 Jun. 1817 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York. He was the son of John Smith and Clarissa Lyman. He married Bathsheba W. Bigler on 25 Jul. 1841. He was baptized 10 Sep. 1832. He served with Wilford Woodruff in church positions from about 1835 to 1875. He died 1 Sep. 1875 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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  • Page 168

    spoke about the Same length of time the people gave good attention to what we said & seemed to be much interested in what they heard, & we dismissed our meeting in the midst of good feelings. Mr Corner invited us home, soon after we arived at his house Elder Kimball felt impressed to returned Back to the place of preaching, & when he got there he found a large company talking about the things which they had herd, & they wished him to speak to them again & ...
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    September 1, 1840 ~ Tuesday Sept I walked out in the after noon with Elders Smith & Kimball to visit some of the great works of man, we visited the Thames Tunnel which is considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. We entered the Tunnel on the South Side of the river Thames at Rotherhithe & after going about about 80 feet down into the earth we entered the archway on the left which ...
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    September 3, 1840 ~ Thursday 3rd I felt some better this morning But am confin ed most of the day to my room Elders Kimball & Smith took a walked into the City September 4, 1840 ~ Friday 4th Elders Kimball & Smith took a walk to Debt ford, & I took a walk into the city called upon Br Corner found him in good Spirits. I also called upon A Mr
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    September 5, 1840 ~ Saturday Sept 5th [FIGURE] Elders Kimball, Smith, & myself Visited Westminster Abbey & went through evry appartme nt of it & saw all the tombs & monuments of the Kings, Queens, Princes, Lords, & noted men that have ever been entombed within its walls one part of the Abbey was built in the year 600 having stood over 1200 years most all of the Kings & Queens of England are in this Abbey that have died for the ...
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    September 6, 1840 ~ Sunday 6th Sunday I preached in the morning at Bowl Court 237 Shoreditch was followed by Elders Kimball & Smith. Also we held a meeting in Tabernacle square at 3 oclock & Elders Kimball & Smith preached in the street & I followed them in Bearing testimony one man arose & opposed us & was angry becaus of the truth of God, & conti nued opposing untill the conversation was stoped by the Police. We met again in ...
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    September 8, 1840 ~ Tuesday 8th [FIGURE] I spent a part of this day in vis- iting places & things connected with the Crown. We all three started together & walked up king & Union Street. passed by surry Chapel. Built & occupied for many years by the Celebrated Rev Rowland Hill, whose body now lies under the Chapel from thence we continued west to West minster Bridge which we walked over which brought us direct to West minster ...
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    acres of ground, & evry door, enterance, & gate was strongly guarded by armed soldiers. I walk ed nearly around this palace & while there I had the privilege of seeing his Royal Highness PRINCE ALBERT While he rode from his Palace across St James Park he was mounted on a gray horse was followed by his groom on a sorrel horse. He was not accompanied by her Magesty Victoria or any other person except his groom, he was dressed in a frock ...
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    soon broke up & after clearing our rooms of brick stones & glass we lay down & had a good nights rest 5 mil [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Elders Kimball & Smith September 17, 1840 ~ Thursday 17th I spent most of the day in Dymock & in the evening I walked to Ledbury & spent the night at Br Pullins 5 miles September 18, 1840 ~ Friday 18th I walked to
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    August 28, 1844 ~ Wednesday Aug 28th A vary busy morning packing up goods preparing to start, Recieving blessings, blessing People biding friends farewell, which occupied nearly the whole day. at 4 oclok in the evening I parted with the quorum of the Twelve at the Temple and star- ted on my Journey again for England, our company consisted of W. Woodruff wife and two children Hiram Clark & wife. And Capt [blank] Jones and wife & three Brethren that went came with their teams to ...
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    our testimony & desires to be Baptized with all her heart. She conversed much about her fathers family & friends in America we spoke of our wives & children which we had been long seperated from. On our returne home we called upon Br Corner who we found unwell, with a bad cold, we also saw a female who had just been run over by an Omnibus who was badly wounded. distance of the day 8 we read in the London times an interesting ...