Covington, Miami County, Ohio

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    November 17, 1836 ~ Thursday Nov 17th Went to Covington Crossed the Ohio River into Cincinnati visited the city & saw Conway & Webster who informed me that Brother Asahel H Woodruff had located himself in Terrehaute Indiania & traiding in Books in company with Robert Smith. I Also saw the Dead & wounded carried from off the Steem Boat FLORA. 3 dead & 10 scalded by the bursting of her pipes Spent the night at Cincinnati ...
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    [Content precedes previous page] [upside-down text] November 13, 1836 ~ Sunday Sunday 13th Nov preached at Col Rowletts got one Subscribr for ^M & Ad^ November 14, 1836 ~ Monday 14th Rode to Owington preached at the court house Spent the night at Wm Browns Distance 6 m November 15, 1836 ~ Tuesday 15th Travled to Esq Hues 5 miles South of the big bone lick 25 miles November 16, 1836 ~ Wednesday 16th visited ...