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    July 12, 1837 ~ Wednesday 12th And during the night at 2 oclock AM, uncle Ozem Woodruff & his houshold believed the fullness of the everlasting gospel & I led them fourth at the same hour of the night and baptized them for the remission of their sins, being three of them. viz Ozem Woodruff, Hannah Woodruff, & John Woodruff, their son. Glory to God in the Highest for this blessing the Lord hath given me the desires of my heart in this think thing which is in fulfillment of a vision given me in 1818 all is now fulfilled
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    If this religion Gospel & Priest- hood has not power to bind on earth and in heaven, it is good for nothing
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    21st The following is a true copy of a Revelation given dated Winter Quarters Camp of Israel Jan 14th 1847 The word and will of the Lord concerning the camp of Israel In their journeyings to the west Let all the people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, and those who journey with them, be organized into companies with a covenant and promise to keep all the commandments and Statutes of the Lord our God: Let the companies be organized with Captains of Hundreds, Captains of Fifties, and Captains of Tens with a President & his two councillors at their head, under the direction of the Twelve Apostles: And this shall be our covenant that we will walk in all the ordinances of the Lord. Let each company provide themselves with all the Teams, waggons provisions, clothing, and other necessaries for the journey that they can. When the companies are organized let them go to with their might to prepare for those who are to tarry. Let each company with their Captains, and Presidents, decide how many can go next spring; then choose out a sufficient number of able bodied and expert men, to take teams, seeds, and Farming utensils, to go as Pioneers, to prepare for puting in spring crops. Let each company bear an equal proportion, according to the dividend of their property, in taking the poor, the widows, the fatherless, and the families of those who have gone into the armey, that the cries of the widow and the Fatherless come not up into the ears of the Lord against this people. Let each company prepare houses, and fields for raising grain, for those who are to remain behind this season, and this is the will of the Lord concerning his people; Let every man use all his influence and property, to remove this people to the place whare the Lord shall locate a stake of Zion;
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    had the keys of the priesthood been retained & handed down from father to son throughout all generations up to the present time then there would have been no nece[ssity] of the law of adoption for we would have all been included in the covenant without it & would have been legal heirs
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    March 22, 1849 ~ Thursday 22nd [FIGURE] There are certain days of my life which contain events of marked interest to me and my posterity an account of which I record in my Journals, these events are in fulfillment of ancient or modern prophecy & revelation from God this day was one of them. When Joseph Smith sen The first Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints laid his hands upon my head to give me my Patriarchal blessings he said I should have my Father & Houshold standing with me in the covenant of the Gospel and that I should have power to bring them into the kingdom I afterwards visited my Fathers Household preached the Gospel to them and baptized my father, step Mother, sister & every member of his household & several other relatives. Also Phebe W. Woodruff, who[se] Maiden name was Phebe W. Carter before her Marriage also recieved a promise that she should have her Father & Household with her in the New & Everlasting Covenant. Her Mother was baptized before her death two of her sisters have been baptized Her brothers are now vary friendly. And this day I walked thro- ugh the City of Boston ^with^ my wife's Father which is my Father in Law Ezra Carter sen & Calvin Foss his Grand son we went through the ship Areatus in which Calvin Foss is going to Calafornia we visited the common and many parts of Boston we then returned home and had a meeting iat my own hired house I opened by praye[r]s Br J C Little addressed the meeting and Wm Page spoke a few moments I then arose and addressed my friends for an hour in great plain ness and expressed my feelings to them in Great plainness. At the Close of the Meeting I led my father in Law Ezra Carter sen with two others down into the sea and baptized them, Mrs Woodruff accompanied her Father to the water and back again we both felt to rejoice that the words of the old Patriarch was fulfilling upon our heads
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    The ground wants to be laid off for a Temple & garden & materials prepared this season A font wants to be built & the Endowments commence as soon as possible those who went through the Temple at Nauvoo know but vary little about the Endowments their was no time to learn them & what little they did learn they have most of them forgotton it many other interesting remarks were made by the president and he called upon the congregation to raise their right hand towards Heaven as a token & covenant that they would help him build a Temple and it was one unanimous vote.
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    are the people prepared to make a covenat to dedicate themselves & their hearts to God from this hour I feel to urge all the Brethrn & Sisters to dedicate themselves unto the Lord. If we can gain the victory & say I will do the work of the Lord in all things. If He will make his will known I will perform it. Not ownly say but perform it dedicate our our affections unto the Lord.
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    I am about to revolt from travling with this camp any further with the spirit they now possess, I had rather risk myself among the savages with ten men that are men of faith, men of mighty prayer men of God, than to be with this whole camp when they forget God & turn there hearts to folley & wickedness, yea I had rather be alone, & I am now resolved not to go any further with the camp unless you will covenant to humble yourselves before the Lord & serve him & quit your folley & wickedness, for a week past nearly the whole camp has been card playing, chequres & dominnoes, have occupied the attention of the brethren
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    President Young said unto the Twelve If you are willing to humble yourselves before the Lord & covenant to do right & walk humble before him, make it manifest by raising the right hand when each one raised their hand, the same question was put to the High Priest, Seventies, Elders & Members & all universally covenanted with uplifted hand to humble themselves before the Lord repent of their sins & keep his commandments.
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    W. Woodruff arose & said he had some things in his heart he wished to say, that a burned child dreaded the fire. He had not forgotton his journey in the Camp of 1834 and should he live to the age of Matheusala he should not forget the hour when the Prophet & Seer Joseph Smith stood upon the waggon wheel & addressed that Camp & said that because they had not harkened to his Councel but disobeyed, & transgressed from time to time, that the die was cast & Judgment must come that we should be visited by the destroying Angels And so we were & more than twenty of our numbers fell by the stroke & we all suffered much in our feelings And I pray the Lord I may not see another such a time And I would now advise my brethren to be careful in keeping the Coven[an]t ywe have made lest by & by the word of the Lord come unto us as in the days of Joseph & we cannot escape his judgment. I would advise all the Brethren who have got cards to burn them up for also checkers & dominoes, for if you keep your covenants you have made you will have no time to use them & they will be useless lomber on your hands. if you keep them for your children they will ownly prove, a curse to them. And my prayer to God is thayt we all may be enabled to keep all our covenants with the Lord & each other I rejoice that the watchman upon the walls or in our mids are quick to comprehend & warn us of evil & reprove us when wrong that we may de saved & do the will of God
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    April 8, 1837 ~ Saturday April 8th Spent the day in writing my Journal Spent the evening at Elder Milicans in Good Company April 9, 1837 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday morning I repaired to the house of the Lord to worship with the Saints Father John Smith opened the meeting by prayer then read the twelvth chapter of the second Book of Nephi & preached from it unto the people. In the latter part of the Day ...
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    October 2, 1844 ~ Wednesday October 2nd Wednsday, ^Tuesday 1st^ I returned to New Hartford called a few moments upon Charles Lyman. rode to Canton had an interview with John Woodruff called upon uncle Alson Thompson. & took dinner with him And I spent two hours with Br Thompson Woodruff [FIGURES] I had not seen him before for fourteen years except one evening in Richland NY about seven years since. we were both glad ...
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    CLOSE OF THE YEAR The first Day of 1840 found me in company with Elders J. Taylor & T. Thurley on board of the Packet Ship Oxford on the Atlantic in Long 42,40 And the Last Day in Company with Elder Kimball in No 40 Ironmonger Row Saint Lukes London, the great Metropolis of Britian & the world. This has been an important year to myself, to all the saints & to the world at Large in many respects ...
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    The first Book of Willford When in the course of human events has there ever been a more important period than at the present day and age of the world. It is at once beneficial and instructive to the reflecting mind to review the past with candour and rightly consider the present and be in perfect readiness for that which is to come. Whare is the Son or dau ghter of Adam who hath a standing in this day and generation that is walking in the light and truth as it is in ...
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    The third Book of Willford for 1837 O Lord I ask thee in the name of Jesus Christ thy Son, to look upon thy servant Willford, who now occupies a place in Kirtland, this first stake of zion, which thou hast appointed in this last dispensation, & fulness of times for the gather- ing of thy Saints. O God of Israel, inspire the heart & pen of thy servant at this time, & hear & answer the Petition which he will ...
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    March 26, 1837 ~ Sunday March 26th Sunday communed with the saints in the fore part of the day. In the latter part, Elder W. Parrish Preached the funeral sermon of Sister Pratt the wife of Elder P. P. Pratt one of the twelve who died March 25th 1837 March 27, 1837 ~ Monday March 27th I signed $50 fifty Dollars for the building of the house of the Lord in Zion the subscription list was in the hands of ...
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    & power to fly through the midst under heaven as Philip travled by the spirit, that I should have power over my enemies & have long life to bring many into the kingdom of God [Acts 8:39] Also that I should have the riches of the earth & that I should have sons & consecrate them priests unto God in zion & that I should tread upon the ashes of my enemies in Jackson County they that had sought to take my life & the ...
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    April 27, 1839 ~ Saturday April 27th We had entered into a covenant to see the poor saints all mooved out of Missouri into Illinois that they might be delivered from under the hand of such vile persecution & we have spared no pains to accomplish this object untill the Lord hath given us the desires of our hearts in this thing & we have now the last company of the poor with us that can be removed. Br Parley P Pratt one of the Twelve &
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    Elder O Pratt at Sister Nickolsons at 6 st 2 doors Below Rase st -[sassafras]- & myself at Br [blank] Hammers at 12 Logan st street near spring garden market after getting som Breakfast we went to rest as we had not slep any for two nights of any account during the afternoon & evening we had the hardest storm & rain & wind that had been known for many years in & about the City of Philadelphia much damage was done houses ...
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    the business without calling the whold Church I dont want you to abide my council alone but act for yourselves. If you want Sidney Rigdon to lead you vote for him but if you dont intend to follow him, and support him as you did Joseph and I would say the same for the Twelve dont make a covenant to support them unless you intend to abide by their council. But we want to know if this people will support the Priesthood If you build the house you ...