Brigham Young

Brigham Young (1801-1877) was born 1 Jun. 1801 in Whitingham, Windham Co., Vermont. He was the son of John Young and Nabe Howe. He married Miriam Works on 8 Oct. 1824 in Cayuga Co., New York; widowed 8 Sep. 1832. He married Mary Ann Angell on 31 Mar. 1834 in Geauga Co., Ohio; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 14 Apr. 1832 in New York. He served in church positions with Wilford Woodruff from Zion's Camp in 1834 through his time as President of the Church beginning in 1847. He died 29 Aug. 1877 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    August 22, 1840 ~ Saturday 22nd [FIGURE] P I received a letter from Mrs Woodruff under date of July 2nd which I was truly rejoice to receive, [FIGURE] I wrote her one in return a double letter one yesterday & on[e] to day {and enclosed} 1/2 {sovereign for Sarah and Wilford} we also received a letter from B. Young & a copy of the 4th Star. I spent the day in writing. I walked out in the evening near ...
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    from Europe according to their desire under the direction and council of Elder Wilford Woodruff. And further we would say unto all the Saints in all the world that may be visited by Elder Wilford Woodruff that inasmuch as they will harken unto his council they shall be blessed, inasmuch as they will render him any assistance in his mission they will be doing the will of God and shall not loose their reward, And we desire that all saints may use their efforts to sustain him in this important mission ...
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    October 6, 1844 ~ Sunday 5 6th Sunday I Preached to the saints in the forenoon & Br Sparks in the Afternoon I visited sister Adams in the evening who lade at the point of death we administered to her by the laying on of hands I returned to Br A. Deweys and spent the night [FIGURE] I wrote a letter in the evening [FIGURE] October 7, 1844 ~ Monday 7th I took cars & wrote rode to Boston arived at Br ...
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    October 10, 1844 ~ Thursday 10th [FIGURES] I wrote 4 Letters to Nauvoo one to Dwight Webster sent him $10 dollars to pay my Taxes ^And for sister Eunice^. I sent one Letter to Sister Brown & sent her $2 dollar to pay her for her labour in assisting us. I wrote one letter to Br & sister Benbow, & one to Br Dexter Stillman, all included in one directed to ...
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    slips of paper on the ground from whence he rose Br Whitmore picked up one of them & read the following words (Emma is not worthy of me) he wished to read the others but the person with him picked them up & put them in his pocket & did not let him read them; At the close of my meeting Elder Brannan prefered a charge against Elder Hardy for slander so did Elder Adams the trial comes on ...
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    Rebeca Brown born ^June 15, 1804^ in vinal Haven Maine Oct 30. 1826 Sealed to WW Died Aug 1839 Aged 13 year Mary Webste Giles Born ^About 1806^ in Boston Mass sealed to W.W. March 28 1852 Died Oct 3rd 1852. Aged about 52 years On the 26 Febuary 1857 The following Persons were sealed to W Woodruff at the Alter in the Endowmt House By Brigham Young Phebe Whitmore Carter
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    when a man is chastized he gets angry & will not endure it. The reason we do not have the secrets of the Lord revealed unto us is because we do not keep them but reveal them, we do not keep our own secrets but reveal our difficulties to the world even to our enemies then how would we keep the secrets of the Lord Joseph says I can keep a secret till dooms day. He spoke of love what greater love hath any man than that he ...
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    January 3, 1842 ~ Monday Jan 3rd I spent the day drawing wood for Albert Smith from the Island across the Missisippi river on the Ice January 4, 1842 ~ Tuesday 4th I drew wood from the Island for myself. One man while crossing the river broke through the Ice & lost his whole esstablishment under the Ice ie horses harness & slay January 5, 1842 ~ Wednesday 5th I spent the day drawing wood for Br
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    February 1, 1842 ~ Tuesday Feb 1st I assisted in drawing up from the river two large stones to the Nauvoo house ^for the^ threshholds of doors February 2, 1842 ~ Wednesday 2nd Elder Pitt assisted me in Painting my house February 3, 1842 ~ Thursday Feb 3rd 1842 Thursday [FIGURE] A Revelation was given a few days since for the Twelve to obtain the printi- ng esstablishment of E Robinson & govern the printing of ...
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    April 25th 1834 To travel towards Kirtland and arived there at night on the 25th of Aprail 1834 There for the first time I had a view of our beloved Brother Joseph Smith the Prophet & Seer which God hath raised up in these last days through whom the saints receieve Revelations from time to time. Brother Joseph invited [Text printed between lines of cursive text] I here [for the] first time became acquainted with Elder Milton Holmes who ...