Brigham Young

Brigham Young (1801-1877) was born 1 Jun. 1801 in Whitingham, Windham Co., Vermont. He was the son of John Young and Nabe Howe. He married Miriam Works on 8 Oct. 1824 in Cayuga Co., New York; widowed 8 Sep. 1832. He married Mary Ann Angell on 31 Mar. 1834 in Geauga Co., Ohio; participated in plural marriage. He was baptized 14 Apr. 1832 in New York. He served in church positions with Wilford Woodruff from Zion's Camp in 1834 through his time as President of the Church beginning in 1847. He died 29 Aug. 1877 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah Territory.


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    were however no lives lost or bones broken. This was the eighth ^seventh^ day in succession that we had strong head winds Next day we had fair wind for the first time and the sun shined pleasantly but the sea was very rough from the gale One day near this date I was requested toby the brethren to carry the dishes to the cooks galley So I got my hands full of dishes of various kinds and just as I had reached the door of the galley the ship gave a tremendious lunge so ...
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    house of Mr Spencer to hold a meeting. There were only six present and five were preachers. One by the name of Canon was full of the devil and hypocrsisy and he rejected our testimony and opposed the work In fact we found that we could not go out to teach in London without the Devil coming to oppose us. ^Bro Young^ In letter to brother Kimball informed us that the two brethren who went from Longton Lancashire to Nauvoo to spy out ...
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    On the 9th of September a little company consisting of myself wife and son and four others started on board the boat Sandusky for Albany. Our ultimate destination was Nauvoo w[h]ere we arrived on the 6th of the next month. While on our journey up the rivers and on board the Chesepeak bound for Chicago we stoped at Manitawou Island on account of rough weather where we lay by until 4 o'clock ...
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    in the case. Several letters were read touching the subject and then Elder Winchester made a lengthy speech trying to justify himself. President Hyrum Smith followed and plead in behalf of mercy Elder George J Adams gave his testimony against Winchester who afterwards followed him and both spoke several times Joseph the Prophet arose and rebuked Elder Winchester in the sharpest manner and said he had a lying spirit After hearing the testimony in the case Brigham Young President of the Twelve said ...
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    I was quite unsettled where to turn or which way to settle myself. Some of my quorum thought it best for me to got to Warsaw with Elder Willard Richards but after meeting in conference with the Twelve it was voted that I should locate myself in Nauvoo The temporal business of the Church was laid upon the quorum of the Twelve On the 30th of October the City Council met & among its business I was appointed one of the city council of ...
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    and among other remarks he said that his mind was made up and that neither the remarks of brother Hyrum nor of Joseph had altered it. As for himself he would not sit upon the case another day. He considered it an insult upon his office and calling as an Apostle of Jesus Christ and he would not bear it. As for the rest of the Twelve they might do as they pleased; for himself he would not do so. Benjamin Winchester had despised and rejected the counsel of the Presidency ...
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    what many persons called sin was not sin and he did many things to break down superstition. After the close I met with the Twelve and High Priest quorum. The ''Word of Wisdom" having been brought up Elder Brigham Young said, "Shall I break the "Word of Wisdom if I go home and drink a cup of tea? No; Wisdom is justified of her children." The subject was discussed in an interesting manner and the conclusion reached that we should deal with such matters in wisdom ...
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    time the font had been prepared for the reception of candidates on the Sabath A large congregation assembled and Elders Brigham Young Heber C Kimball and John Taylor went forward and baptized about forty persons and Elders Willard Richards George A Smith and myself assisted in confirming them Afterwards I spent the evening with the quorum of the Twelve at brother Heber C. Kimballs. On the 24 of this month I took charge ...
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    On passing through the gate into the Yard we recorded our names and residences on a book and was then conducted by Mr John Finsbury policeman to all parts of the Yard and saw all the branches of business carried on by government there. There are employed in this Yard hundreds of hands besides seven hundred prisoners. These were engaged in building vessels steem boats ships of war making anchors cables chains boilers cannon shot &c The fires or bellows were all worked by steem and the operation of the engines were pointed out to us ...
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    revokes it and commands something else then the Prophet is considered a fallen Prophet" "Because the Church will not receive chastisment from the hand of the Prophet and Apostles the Lord chastises us with sickness and death." "Let not any man publish his own righteousness Others can do that for him. Rather let him confess his sins and then he will be forgiven and bring forth more fruit." "The reason why we do not have more of the secrets of the Lord revealled unto us is because we do not keep even ...