Draw Near unto Me and I Will Draw Near unto You

by Julia Collings

In one of the most famous verses of the New Testament, the Saviour declares, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” For many years I thought that the only place on earth where I could partake of the Lord’s rest was in His holy house. I relished the opportunity to attend the temple to do baptisms regularly and found great peace and connection to my Father in Heaven. I always left the temple feeling empowered to tackle whatever challenges life had in store for me that week. Then—almost on the turn of a dime, as it seemed to my teenage self—the temples closed. And then school closed. Doors were shutting everywhere I turned. It seemed surreal, but my world was crashing down, and just at the moment when I longed more than anything to be in the temple, I was forced to remain in my home.

Wilford Woodruff: A House Built upon a Rock of Faith

by Jordan Woodruff Clements

One of the great challenges of our age is for members to remain committed to their covenants, notwithstanding opposition and adversity. As a leader among young adults for many years, I have observed some members conclude that because of challenges in their lives, God’s plan and promises don’t work. The life of Wilford Woodruff provides overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

His life was filled with adversity, especially during those periods immediately prior to leading great advances in the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His life stands as a witness to the blessings that come to the “wise man, which buil[ds] his house upon a rock” of faith in Jesus Christ.