Wilford Woodruff Papers Basis for New Editions of Wilford Woodruff’s Witness

by Maddie Christensen

CEDAR HILLS, Utah —  With a generation that wants to “see for themselves,” Jennifer Mackley, Executive Director of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation, is happy to announce the release of the Enhanced Second Edition of Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine. The 2022 edition includes new research and links to Wilford Woodruff’s original documents, recently transcribed and available online at wilfordwoodruffpapers.org. In addition to the updated print version, Wilford Woodruff’s Witness will be released in eBook and audiobook formats in both English and Spanish.

Originally published in 2014, Wilford Woodruff’s Witness is his eyewitness account of the Restoration, specifically the revelations and experiences related to temple ordinances and doctrine as they developed in the nineteenth century. Through Wilford’s own words, the imperfect process of asking, receiving, understanding, and acting on revelation unfolds. His is a story of incredible faith, and his front row narrative helps explain the process that he, Joseph Smith, and others struggled through to accomplish their roles in the Restoration. 

One reader said, “I have gained a tremendous love for the faith and testimony Wilford Woodruff has for the Lord and the salvation of every [individual] on both sides of the veil. It was beautiful to read how he put his trust in the Lord and gained knowledge step by step, piece by piece.” 

Mackley is excited to publish the enhanced print edition and the eBook and audiobook in English and Spanish to share Wilford Woodruff’s message with more seekers of truth. Knowing there are now over five million Spanish-speaking members of the Church, she said, “Wilford Woodruff is a second witness to Joseph Smith’s role as the prophet of the Restoration, and being able to read his experiences in one’s native language is powerful. To understand our role in God’s work to bring about the exaltation of His children, requires understanding temple service. I agree with Wilford Woodruff’s statement that ‘there is nothing given to the children of men that is equal to it.’”

Latter-day Saint Historian Richard E. Turley, Jr. believes, “Those who read this book will have a better understanding of the development of modern temple worship and come away with an appreciation for those who, like President Woodruff, wore out their lives in making possible the temple blessings we enjoy today.”

All editions of Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine are available through Deseret Book and at book.wilfordwoodruffpapers.org. Proceeds from the book sales will support the transcription and publication of Wilford Woodruff’s documents so they are accessible and searchable online. For further information about the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project or the book release, please visit wilfordwoodruffpapers.org.