Insights in the Papers: Amy Hepworth

by Connor Olvera

“The doctors said I could not live,” Wilford Woodruff recorded. 

Just after the completion of the Salt Lake Temple, President Woodruff stood at death’s doorstep. Medical professionals gave a bleak diagnosis. However, he was preserved by the hand of God. 

In his June 24, 1894 discourse, he testified, “My life was spared because this people were putting up petitions in my behalf continually before God. I feel to bless you my brethren and sisters. May He help us all to do our duty, and be prepared for the great events coming upon this earth.” The Saints’ powerful prayers brought God’s blessings to prolong the life of their beloved Prophet.

The Wilford Woodruff Papers are filled with thousands of faith-building stories. The Papers bring to life those, like Wilford Woodruff, who bear witness of Jesus Christ. Volunteers and employees working on the Wilford Woodruff Papers Project, as well as those studying the transcribed documents, receive an increase of faith as they read these incredible stories and ponder the words of God’s servants.

Amy Hepworth, a transcriber with the Foundation, summarized her experience by saying, “the opportunity to read and transcribe Abraham Owen Woodruff’s journal has increased my testimony of the power of prayer and the importance of earnestly seeking God’s help with accomplishing whatever He asks me to do.”

Amy believes the Project has given her a greater desire to seek God’s help, has already helped her face challenges of all sizes in her life, and reminded her to sincerely thank God for His many blessings.

Amy concluded: “I am inspired by the sacrifices that Owen and his family made and the faith they demonstrated as he worked to fulfill the responsibilities he was given as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Transcribing these records has increased my testimony that God is a God of miracles.”

As Amy testified: no matter the challenge, God can help. The words of those called to direct God’s work serve as a light along the darkened path of mortality. Whatever mountains the Saints of God are called to climb, the words of the prophets will always serve as protection and direction. The Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation is dedicated to guiding souls to Jesus Christ through the words of His prophets.

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About Amy Carruth Hepworth:

Amy Hepworth is an Editorial Assistant with the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. Amy has been drawn to transcribing historical documents since she was a teenager. Her mother sparked that love for transcribing and mentored her as Amy learned to transcribe shorthand, which makes the Project particularly meaningful for her. Amy graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Organ Performance. Amy and her family live in Georgia, where she enjoys cruising around on her cargo bike accompanied by her 7 children.