Insights from a Stellar Volunteer: Sarah Paul

by Connor Olvera

The words of prophets, modern and ancient, bring us closer to Jesus Christ. Studying their accounts gives us a front row seat to the challenges they faced and how their faith in Jesus Christ aided them.

Sarah Paul, a volunteer at the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation, studies the powerful experiences and words of the prophet Wilford Woodruff every day as she researches members of Wilford Woodruff’s extended family.

Sarah Paul

Sarah graduated from BYU with a degree in history. She continued her education at BYU-I, completing degrees in family history research and professional studies. Her ever-present passion for family history reaches into every aspect of her life: education, work, volunteering, church callings and hobbies. Hannah Taylor, Research Coordinator of the Foundation, finds Sarah’s work ethic and leadership impressive. Hannah noted that, “Sarah is not only an incredible researcher, but she is always willing to share her knowledge with other members of the team. We are so grateful for her contributions!”

For Sarah the work that she does is more than just a hobby. She volunteers because it connects her to one of God’s prophets. It reminds her that prophets suffered trials just as we did. 

Sarah said, “I have been inspired by the human qualities that Wilford Woodruff captured in his writings. Like the day he wrote about a dream he had about his cow being lost, or the day he just wrote ‘it hailed snowed & rained hard on the road we were cold.’’

She continued on to note that her “favorite illustration is the heart shaped drawing on the day Wilford was sealed to his wife Phebe, with the inscription ‘Seal the hearts of the children to the fathers.’ I am inspired by the love that he had for his wife and for the Gospel. I love this project. It makes me happy to be part of the team.”

Sarah Paul, and others volunteering their time, feel the impact each day of the faith of Wilford Woodruff. The Project brings joy to Sarah and all the others who are working to share Wilford Woodruff's records: the message of the restored gospel with the world. In the mists of darkness that cloud our day, Wilford Woodruff’s unwavering faith in Jesus Christ gives a glimmer of hope. 

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