Gordon Gibb Volunteer Spotlight

by Howard Collett


Gordon Gibb is a volunteer for the Crowdsource Collection on FromThePage of the Wilford Woodruff Papers Foundation. “It has been wonderful working with Gordon,” said Jason Godfrey, Lead Editorial Assistant. “The Foundation has added hundreds of pages of missionary letters that Wilford Woodruff received, and Gordon was always one of the first people to make sure these letters were transcribed. He was both efficient and careful in his process of transcription, and these attributes also carried over when he started to aid in the process of completing Second-Level Verification.” 

"I enjoy volunteering with the Wilford Woodruff papers project because of my love for Church history and the ease of fitting the work into my retirement schedule,” said Gordon. “I find the Project’s leadership, tools, and processes to be well suited to the individual tasks and to the overall goal of making all of Wilford Woodruff’s papers available in one digital collection. I am enlightened by every document that I read and find great satisfaction in being part of this worthy pursuit." 

“Gordon has been unflappably optimistic and flexible, willing to jump in on projects as needed,” said Katherine Kitterman, Assistant Editor. “His eye for detail has made him a valuable asset in checking Wilford Woodruff's letters.”

Gordon retired from the BYU McKay School of Education after 40 years of teaching in a variety of settings. He and his wife Vickie have four children and 11 grandchildren. They are currently serving in the California Fresno Mission.